Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)


Palm kernel shells, or PKS, are the shells that cover the seeds of oil palm fruits.

Oil palms are cultivated in overseas countries to extract palm oil from the pulp of the fruit and other substances from inside the seeds. The shells that remain after the oil has been extracted are called palm kernel shells (PKS).
Oil palm fruits are different from coconuts, which are larger fruits found on coconut palms and used for making coconut milk.

Process of collecting palm kernel shells (PKS)

Oil palm plantation

Oil palms are planted and grown until they bear fruit.

Picture: Copyright-free (from Wikipedia – oil palms [Japanese site])

Oil palm fruits (on the tree)

Oil palm fruits on the trees are harvested.

Photo by: Bongoman (from Wikipedia – oil palms [Japanese site])

Oil palm fruit

The size of a cluster is about the size of a watermelon, and they weigh about 20 kilograms. Several tens of fruits are produced, and the size of one fruit can range from that of a Japanese chestnut to a chicken’s egg.

Seeds are inside the orange pulp. You can see kernel seeds inside as well.
“Palm oil” for cooking is extracted from the pulp, and “palm kernel oil” used for processing is extracted from the kernel.

Palm kernel shells (PKS)

These hard, walnut shell-like parts of the fruit are dried and crushed to produce palm kernel shells (PKS). They have hardly any odor.

PT. New Energy Development Dumai

PT. New Energy Development Dumai was established in Dumai, Indonesia in 2012 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Energy Development Co., Ltd. We have entered long-term purchase agreements with local plants in Indonesia and Malaysia, two of the world’s largest producing areas of palm oil. Only the palm kernel shells (PKS) supplied by these plants that have passed our quality standards are exported as fuel, enabling a stable supply of PKS.


Palm kernel shells are exported to Japan in large cargo ships.

Company Profile
Company Name PT. New Energy Development Dumai
Comissoner Kazuaki Mori
President Director Hideaki Ishizuka
Director Yoshinobu Yamagishi
Luk Vita Handayani
Established December 17, 2012
Capital Rp 3,300,000,000- (Approx. US$300,000 [at the time of establishment])
Location Dumai Office
Hotel Grand Zuri Dumai 2nd floor, Jalan Jend Sudirman No.88, Kota Dumai, Riau, Indonesia 28812
Phone:+62-765-31999(Ext 409)

Stock Yard
Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Kecamatan Bukit Kapur, Kelurahan Bukit Nenas, Dumai, Riau,
Indonesia 28882
Areas of Business Purchasing, quality control, export sales, and operation of palm kernel shells (PKS) stock yards.

※ Written in the order according to the Company Law of Indonesia.

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