General consulting for development and
operation of biomass power plants

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 , the domestic energy situation has changed significantly. Nuclear power generation in Japan has been one after the other, and attention has been focused on alternative energy such as renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power, water power and biomass.

In response to the need to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) on a global scale, we are operating a business that uses “electric power” and “heat” obtained by burning biomass ※1 as renewable energy. The fuel used for biomass power generation is very widespread, and it is a clean power generation that does not increase CO2. And even if you burn it, it is carbon neutral ※2 .

Our company considers that biomass power generation, which can be stable production of electricity regardless of the sunshine conditions and weather conditions, regardless of day and night, is important as one of the base power sources of domestic energy from now on. Working on In addition, we aim at "creation of new job" and "activation of local industry" through this business.

All electricity produced by biomass power generation is sold to general electric power (10 companies including Tokyo Electric Power) and "specific-scale electric power companies".

※1 What is biomass?
Biomass refers to a renewable, organic resource of biological origin as Opposed to petroleum and coal.It is a type of resource that is generated by living organisms vsing solar energy,water,soil,and the air in natural circulation,It will never be exhausted if is used properly.

※2 What is cerbon neutral?
when trees are burned, CO? is produced. However, when They grow,They absord CO? and emit oxygen. Therefore, CO? is the atmosphere doesnot increase and the CO? balance is considered to be net-zero. This idea is referred to as carbon neutral.

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