Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Pursuing sustainable growth together with society

We want to be a company that supports people to have an affluent and safe life by implementing business related to the circulation of resources and energy. We strive to develop and grow sustainably together with society as we implement our daily business activities.

Our philosophy

With the philosophy of “contributing to the sustainable development of society by developing and supplying renewable energy,” we strive to achieve long-term development as a corporation and to improve our corporate value, and to gain trust from our stakeholders. We believe that reinforcement of corporate governance and ensuring compliance are extremely important management issues if we are to achieve this end.

Corporate governance system

1. Directors’ execution of duties to conform to laws and regulations

Under our corporate philosophy, Directors comply with the “Corporate Code of Conduct of New Energy Development Co., Ltd.” They set an example of honest and fair actions based on the firm spirit of observing the law and maintaining an ethical view, and they are working to ensure that the same is shared with our members of staff.
We are also determined to fight against antisocial groups that threaten public order and the safety of civil society, and are working to ensure that all members of staff understand the importance of this matter.

2. Risk management system

We make sure that risks related to the implementation of corporate activities are recognized, and that measures to circumvent such risks are taken, so that impact of losses that may be caused when risks occur can be minimized. Various measures are taken toward this end, such as checks and balances in the decision making processes, careful discussions in various types of meetings, and setting up a risk management system during ordinary times based on internal rules.

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