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Fill out the inquiries form. We will get back to you via email (or by phone if you have given us your phone number).

  • Responses to inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and during Year-End and New Year holidays and summer holidays will be sent individually from the next business day following the holiday.
  • Please understand it may take some time to respond. Should you need an urgent reply, please contact us by phone.
  • Our email response is addressed to individual customers. Please do not use part or the whole of the email for any other purposes.
  • ※ Items with this mark must be filled out.

Personal information collected through our website will be handled properly in accordance with our personal information protection policy. We will strictly control any information and details sent to us, and will take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, alteration, loss and other improper acts. Personal information collected will be used within the scope of the purposes for which such information is collected, and will not be used for any other purpose or given to anyone outside our company, except as prescribed under the personal information protection policy.
Personal information will be disposed of or deleted immediately when there is no need to keep it any longer. Information will not be used for business or similar purposes.

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