Our philosophy

With the philosophy of “contributing to the sustainable development of society by developing and supplying renewable energy,” we ensure we have compliance-based management, which requires Directors and all members of staff to act with high ethical value when implementing business, as our basic principle. To improve the effectiveness of compliance-based management, a system to promote compliance is reinforced, and we are making efforts to implement our business quickly and accurately, in order to gain the trust of society.
We have set up “Guidelines for Compliance Activities,” which are the core of our compliance activities, as a code of conduct based on the spirit of law observance and corporate ethics that must be adhered to during our business activities. These Guidelines are used to raise awareness of our members of staff. Company-wide compliance is overseen by the president, and a system to promote compliance has been set up whereby an officer in charge of compliance has been assigned. Their role is to support the president and to implement activities to promote compliance. In addition, we are moving forward with a plan to set up a “consultation desk for compliance issues” available for members of staff to consult when they face compliance-related issues.
For the main institutions such as biomass power plants, we have set up “Compliance Committees for Specific Institutions” to implement compliance activities that suit the individual features of each institution. Group companies also participate in these compliance committees to work on compliance activities by the group as a whole.

The essence of the “Guidelines for Compliance Activities”


  • (1)Comply with laws as well as matters decided under internal rules and other documents.
  • (2)Act in accordance with common sense of society.

[2]Compliance items

1.Relation to society

  • (1)Contribution to society
  • (2)Compliance with laws, regulations and ethics, respect for culture and customs
  • (3)Proper disclosure of information
  • (4)Proper public information and public hearing activities
  • (5)Regulations on contributions and public donations
  • (6)Severance of relations with antisocial groups
  • (7)Preserving the environment
  • (8)Proper use of information systems
  • (9)Protection of intellectual property rights
  • (10)Compliance with laws and regulations related to import and export

2.Relation to customers, clients, and competing firms

  • (1)Safety and reliability in energy supply and product sales
  • (2)Compliance with the Antimonopoly Law
  • (3)Fair trade with suppliers
  • (4)Prevention of unfair competition

3.Relation to shareholders and investors

  • (1)Prohibition of insider trading

4.Relation to government offices and public servants

  • (1)Proper permits and licenses, and application procedures
  • (2)Providing entertainment to or exchanging presents with public servants

5.Relation to staff members

  • (1)Respecting human rights and prohibiting discrimination
  • (2)Protecting privacy
  • (3)Health and safety in the workplace
  • (4)Compliance with labor relation laws
  • (5)Compliance with office regulations
  • (6)Proper accounting management and tax processing
  • (7)Proper use of corporate assets

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